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Listnerd is a new social media website based around crowdsourced lists. Users can create, share ... More

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Published 19 Dec 2012

Around this time of year the media usually serves up their end of year 'best of' offerings where they will list everything from the best films of the year right through to the best anti sexist speech against an  opposition leader by a standing PM...and yes, Julia Gillard, you do win that one hands down. But who decides just who is on the list and what order they come in. Generally it's one journalist with an attitude. So Listnerd takes the concept of the list back to the people and lets them decide. This crowd sourcing community application is a new social app where users create, share and explore lists about anything they love before sending them out into the big wide world for others to add to and vote on.
The art of listing hasn't changed a whole heap over the years. They aren't generally interactive and rarely have a social element yet they are the first thing that readers turn to in the Sunday papers or in a magazine like Rolling Stone. The latter often SELLS their mag on the strength of their lists. Like 'em or loathe them, they do tend to help sort out the good stuff from the dross.
Listnerd is a new social media application based around crowdsourced lists. It's a more social, collaborative and interactive list maker with a difference and lets you create, share and explore interesting lists about the things in their life that you care about. Create your list about anything you like and let it fly free in Listnerd. You still contain a form of management of the list but others can add their own input to enhance the list. The diversity of voting viewers then creates the ranking of the entries in the list making it far more democratic than some guy from the Sunday newspaper who doesn't like The Foo Fighters or Christian Louboutin shoes (the fool!)
Listnerd describes itself as Tripadvisor for everything. In actual fact, the idea was born while they were researching the best worldwide beers and were underwhelmed by the lack of centralized information out there from real beer drinkers. From there they realized that the concept could be taken to many other areas and Listnerd was born. This community polling app is easy and fun to use and turns your lists into a truly democratic and socially acceptable. The site is deeply integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Reddit and makes your lists interesting as well being totally interactive.

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