Developer description

Lit.Life is a image sharing social networking app. Though, there are much more features tailored for you besides image sharing. These features are very necessary, you can upload videos, or just submit a micro-blog text post. This post has a higher character limit than Twitter. Sharing videos straight from your camera roll is not only convenient, but also much more effective as a status update. Though, don't underestimate an image post, these are just as amazing. You can always follow/friend someone, recommend a post (more exposure) and just stay connected with your friends. These features make the social network highly versatile. Making it let you update more about what's going on. Lit.Life has so much to offer! Lit.Life is very impressive as it is the jack of all trades for an iPhone app for letting your friends & connections know exactly what you're doing.

Last updated 26 Dec 2016

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