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Published 28 Oct 2011

There is only one emotion that beats love as the subject responsible for turning the ordinary person in the street into a poet and that’s jealousy. The creative angst that pours from anyone who’s been wronged in matters of the heart could probably fill the libraries of the world and this site has its fair share of it.

As a writer I love it, even if the mixture of doggerel and done-well are slightly weighted in favour of the former it doesn’t matter. What matters is that sites like this exist for people who want a crack at creative writing and who want their efforts read and critiqued by a community of likeminded people.

It doesn’t have to be poetry of course the site welcomes creative writing in any form and it can be read by anyone who happens to be passing by. If you want to contribute your work however or comment on other’s efforts you will have to register.

You can set an account up in your name or decide on a pen name. There is space for a summary and brief bio and if you haven’t already given your identity away you can do so by uploading a photograph too.

There is also the capability to create writer communities which I think is a great way for local writing groups to interact outside of their weekly or monthly meeting. Writing and discussing writing is a pleasurable experience no matter what standard you are and this site provides...