Developer description

With LiVo you are able to create a unique user experience for your smart home and media accessories. LiVo lets you create control panels directly on the iPad. Widgets that you can place and design freely in your panels, offers a variety of functions to control your smart home. You can open your garage door, control the temperature and humidity of your rooms, switch your lights on and off and many many other things just by a tap of your finger.

You can change the design of your panels by modifying colors, frames, fonts and even the shape of the widgets. With this you will be able to adapt the user interface of LiVo creating either easily readable controls for your children or stylish combinations and backgrounds that fits right to your individual home styling.

LiVo supports Apple HomeKit compatible accessories as well as a variety of other smart home devices and media via the openHAB ( API. More devices will be supported in future versions.

Last updated 26 Aug 2015

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