Developer description

Loadzen leverages the power of the cloud to allow you to emulate thousands of virtual users coming to your site or webapp and mimic their behaviour exactly as your user journeys and traffic describe.

Identify potential bottlenecks or performance issues up front with our powerful and easy to use load testing tool without having to install complicated software or write complex test scripts.

Using our simple but powerful chrome plugin you can record your load tests directly from inside your browser and have them up and running in minutes.

Don't take our word for it - try it for yourself: we offer a free tier for all users that allows you to run an unlimited number of tests with a maximum of 25 virtual users.

To try the service, simply fill in the form on the home page with your email address and home page and we'll run your first test for you.

Want to run a test that's larger than 25 virtual users? We make that really easy for you: with Loadzen we will give you a quote for every test you design and then only charge you if you run it (Our pricing starts around $0.90 for 100 users). no subscriptions, no ongoing fees, just pay-as-you-go testing.

The main site features are:
1. AJAX and Web aplication testing support
2. Multi-scenario tests
3. Dynamic site data submission
4. Variable ramp-up speeds to test traffic spikes
5. Chrome plugin for simple scenario design
6. Full form filling support, just record, type and submit
7. Real-time results as you test
8. Test scheduling (for if you are testing a live site)
9. Full result breakdowns for each scenario and aggregate reports stored in your profile.

Last updated 21 Jan 2013

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