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Introducing Local Anonymous - your feed of local, anonymous gossip.

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Published 16 Sep 2013

There's a little bit of voyeurism in all of us it appears. Theres nothing more exciting for some than to hear or share a bit of gossip with others. Youve only got to have watched one episode of the tv series "Pretty Little Liars" to realize that. Many of us also seem to like to be fairly anonymous ourselves - especially when we are sharing our private information with others. Local Anonymous is a free, social sharing application for iOS where you can post and share your secrets and confessions in your local area without anyone ever finding out who you are.
Local Anonymous is your social network for everything private and your instant feed of local and anonymous gossip. It's  a place where you can read secret crushes, confessions and questions and post your own without anyone knowing who you are. You can share all of your deepest secrets and become the talk of others and watch as people interact with your secret revelations by commenting, liking and sharing them on Facebook. So, what are you willing to share? The app lets you interact with your friends anonymously and connect with Facebook by tagging them and making comments in shared posts. Maybe you will find out if anybody has a secret crush on you or you can just see which confessions affect you. Its easy to start by simply choosing a suitable and anonymous username and you are immediately able to share your secrets without anyone been...