Developer description

Location alert helps you in:
- Send text messages as you reach to a specific location*
- Connect a voice call when you are in a specific area
- Create voice and text based reminders to be triggered when you are in a particular area.
Why? Well, imagine this. You are leaving the office for a party and were supposed to call wife so that she can get ready before you pick her up. You forget. Now you can imagine the situation. Can’t you? How good it will be to send a message or connect a call automatically when you leave the office so that she can get ready by the time you get home. There are endless examples and use cases like this

- Send text messages when you are nearby a certain location.
- Connect calls based on location.
- Voice and text notes/reminders
- Use your own voice for reminders and alerts.
- Flexible set up for recurring events. Choose start and end date and choose the days you want the event to be triggered.
- Temporarily deactivate the events.
- Choose location and radius on map interface.
- Show contacts (with photos) in nearby areas for easy selection.
- Snooze function.
- Auto send messages (credits required).
- Templates for quick messaging.

* On iPhone, we don’t have an option to auto send without confirmation, but Big Apple is to blame for that. Unfortunately they do not allow third party apps to automatically send a message or call unless user confirms it. That is part of their security set up and we have to follow that. On our Android app, that’s not the case though. That is why you need to buy credits in case you want to send messages automatically. We use a SMS Gateway for this purpose and hence you need to buy credits.

Last updated 10 Nov 2012

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