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Now where was that restaurant that we saw the other day?

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Have you ever parked your car and forgotten where you left it? Or have you spotted a great ... More

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Published 3 Sep 2012

Look, I have to tell you, Loc.Book was undoubtedly developed with people like me in mind. It's not that I get lost on a regular basis but, put me in one of those massive Westfield type multilevel shopping complexes that was probably designed by that Gruen fellow, and I'm a complete mess. Half the time I can't even remember which floor the shop I want to visit is on let alone it's location. I could use the store locator, I guess, but I could also use an app like Loc.Book to find my way back directly to the store I'm looking for. Loc.Book is a GPS-based geolocator that will store your location with one click and find your way back there again whenever you like.
Loc.Book helps you remember and return to all the important places you visit with just one click of this tracking and reminder app. Whether you have parked your car and forgotten where you left it or spotted a great looking restaurant and can't remember your way back to it a few hours later, Loc.Book catalogues and stores places you want to remember with a single click remembers it for when you need to return. No matter where you are, you can find your way back to a location you catalogued in Loc.Book simply and easily. An address of your saved location - lets say its the parking spot we talked about earlier -  will automatically be generated along with the address of your current location. Directions will appear to take you back to any selected saved locations from whenever you currently are. You can even see your way back in map view, if it's easier.  Search and organize your saved locations using various categories like 'parking' or 'restaurants' and  you even have the option to snap photos of locations and save them along with short descriptions.
Having an app like Loc.Book on your smartphone means you will never get lost or lose your way ever again. This very convenient GPS remind and tracking tool simply stores the location in just a single click and gives you the directions as to where it can be found again - from wherever you are at the time. Loc.Book is easy to use and looks pretty good too and fits easily in your pocket making it second nature to just flip out your phone to take a note of the place you would like to return to. Simple, easy and convenient and you will never lose your way again.

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