Developer description

Lockheal© is a first of its kind patent pending mobile app provides the best user experience that addresses fast, excellent service that is reliable, affordable and safe, uniquely developed for those who seek help from independent contractors within the locksmith industry. Lockheal© was developed to solve a decade-long problem within the $2B+ locksmith industry.

What is Lockheal©?
Lockheal© is a mobile and web-based app designed to connect customers in real time to local licensed locksmith professionals for emergency and non-emergency situations.

This free mobile app allows licensed independent contractors to join and have instant access to local customers in their area.

What makes Lockheal© Unique?
- Direct communication between users and contractors
- Speedy service appointment scheduling (10sec or less)
- User friendly
- In-app chat features available in over 10 different languages
- GPS tracking
- In app payment
- GPS and tracking services
- Available to background check and license validated locksmith service providers only
- Fully automated technology

Not a member, why should you join?
Lockheal© offers a free membership to those in need of a licensed locksmith and it’s currently available in all 18 states that require a license to operate. Lockheal© connect customers to locksmith directly.

Independent contractor; how do they benefit?
Lockheal© ’s contractors benefit by having access to real customers in need. Emergency and non-emergency jobs are listed in an in-app contractor queue where contractors submit bids.

Once users accept bids, contractors win the job and receive compensation once the job is completed - - NO CASH EXCHANGE. Lockheal© does not employ any contractors they are all independent, ensure they pass all security requirements before access customers.

How it works....
- All locksmiths using the Lockheal© © app MUST pass an extensive background check to connect with customers.
- Users can log in via their mobile app or via the web and by answering just a few questions, within a short period of time (seconds), they are instantly connected with available local licensed professionals in their area.
- For all emergency situations, customers will get to choose the closest locksmith that fits their needs and makes sense for their budget. For non-emergency situations users submit their needs and locksmiths will then bid for the job - - users review pricing and availability.
- Lockheal© users always choose who they want and what they are willing to pay.
- Through the Lockheal© in-app GPS tracking, customers will know exactly where their chosen locksmith is located and the estimated time of arrival.
- Members do not pay until the job is complete and they are 100% satisfied.
- Once the job is completed, customers will be able to review the contractor, keep a record of their transactions, contractor contact, and license information for security and commercial purposes.

Last updated 20 Jun 2017

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