Developer description

LogbookHQ allows small business people, contractors, freelancers, sales people, or anyone who has to use a car for work purposes to be able to record their trips and expenses against their vehicle(s). As well as mileage recording, you can record refuelling, maintenance costs and a myriad of other things against any number of vehicles, and report on them later when it comes time to do your taxes.
The main LogbookHQ screen also shows you a quick summary of your trips and expenses to date, helping you to keep tabs on your activity. You can mix business and personal usage in the system, and LogbookHQ will help you break it all down when it comes time to prepare your taxes. LogbookHQ works on your desktop PC, as well as most internet connected mobile devices, so you can make entries straight away before and after your trip, without leaving your car.

Last updated 18 Mar 2015

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