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Published 7 Dec 2011

When most businesses start out no doubt they can handle customer enquiries in the old fashioned way. With a small customer base and a small team to go with it the old ˈsticky note pressed on to a screenˈ ploy usually does the trick. The other choice of course is to forward an email, hope for the best and then try and remember which member of the team you forwarded it to so you can follow it up. The problem with both of these methods is that they leave themselves open to human error and a poorly addressed customer enquiry simply compounds the issue.

So, when your customer base gets bigger and your team grows in line with it, you might want to leave this part of customer service to a machine, and Logicalware could be just that machine.

Starting at just £19 ($30) for 4 users this web based app has all of the functions necessary to streamline the important issue of customer enquiries providing a ticketing and response service that can be as automated as you want it to be.

Email enquiries can be directed to the relevant team or individual based on a number of criteria. These include the ˈToˈ, ˈ Fromˈ and ˈCCˈ addresses, the subject or even key words in the actual message body. What’s more a library of automated responses can quickly confirm receipt giving customers instant comfort that their issue is being dealt with.  All enquires can be flagged for importance.

The system also ensures that nothing gets lost in the ether with deadline settings and subsequent alerts flagging unresolved items. At the end of the day, you can see reports on every aspect of your enquiry handling operation and pinpoint any areas needing improvement.

All of the basic features come with the basic price but pay a bit more and things really do start flying. With a little training from you the system can even start thinking for itself in respect of answering customer enquiries. Now that is scary!


Get your customer enquiries not only directed to the right place but acknowledged and acted upon efficiently. Good customer service is key and some of the features on this one could take yours to another level.

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