Developer description

Do you own a company or a brand? Do you place your logo on your products and marketing material? Than LogoGrab is what you need.

LogoGrab turns your existing logo into a digital access point to any content you wish to share with your customers.

Once you upload your logo on LogoGrab(its’ free!) you can link any content to it: information about your products and services, coupons, social media accounts, you name it.

Your customers can now scan your logo wherever’s already placed with the free LogoGrab app. LogoGrab works regardless of the color of the logo or it’s background. It is pretty cool, you can try it here on a few brands:

As a final user you have many cool extra features you can take advantage of: check out which logos are trending and have been scanned the most around you, get direct access to promotions and coupons, or keep track of the brands you are most interested in.

LogoGrab is super easy to use both for brands as well as final users. Although it looks so simple, LogoGrab is based on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Technologies developed at ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - one of the leading worldwide entities when it comes to these rocking technologies!

Last updated 10 Sep 2013

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