Developer description

LOL Numbers is a fun math game to add to your collection of brain games. This puzzle game can test your addition skills and reflexes. The fun game play is fast paced with multiple levels and difficulty settings. Enjoy colourful 2d animation and vibrant design.

LOL Numbers is not just fun. It is an arcade game that improves one of the most important math skills, which is addition.
As you play, time will fly while you are engaged in this challenging game. You won’t realise that you are getting better and faster at addition.

Fun rewarding gameplay
Quality 2d graphics
Vibrant colourful design
Integrated maths and logic game practice

LOL Numbers multiple levels and difficulty settings make this arcade game accessible to all abilities and skill levels. For adults this game can be a productive way to improve reflexes and logic while passing time. LOL numbers is an adventure that can create a foundation for progress in Algebra or calculus

Download today and see why everyone loves LOL Numbers!

Last updated 23 Jan 2020