Developer description

Lomics is developing technology and mobile camera app which allows to convert videos to stylish live-comics(lomics) on-the-fly.

Billions of photos are shared and accessible online on the web, there is probably no place on the map which has no pictures in the web associated with it. So average social network user have virtually seen everything, no matter how rich he is or where he's located geographically. Thus taking simple pictures and sharing with friends becoming less exciting and attractive. It's not that "old family photo album" anymore.

We say: "Don't share pictures of places, food, selfies, share your life story!" You can be 10 times in same bar with same friend and your pictures will likely look the same, but all 10 times will be unique! Why? Because every time something different will happen to you, it will be 10 different stories in the same place!

There is no sharing service right now which created specifically for storytelling. Yes, we know, Instagram, Snapchat, Flipagram they all talk about some kind of storytelling, but they don't solve the problem.

In our case we have "Comics" in the heart of our concept. Why? Because historically comics are proven to be most laconic and exciting format of story. What did you read when you was a kid? Comics is the only printed format which still grows in popularity. People love comics!!! So why not to use it in our daily life and story sharing.

Not only this, we decided to create a technology which is capable of recording comics on the fly, just like you do with the video. Not all of us are artists so it's hard to expect that most of the people will spend their time editing and drawing. We'll do 99% of the work for you!

We are creating new format of digital media. Only now with highly performat mobile processors and advanced computer vision algorithms we can understand the story and share it in perfect story format :)

Last updated 26 Sep 2015

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