Developer description

LOOK - Digital Signage Software .

Easiest web-based digital signage software.

Remotely manage any content on your TVs, touch monitors, video walls or LEDs fast, simple, at any time and from anywhere.

You have definitely paid your attention to different types of digital screens, which we come across in public areas more and more often. Menu boards at fast food restaurants, advertising screens along the highways and on the facades of buildings, information screens in banks and healthcare institutions, interactive kiosks in shopping malls. There are many application options, but it’s the same technology which is used in all cases — digital signage. Let’s see, what it is.
Designed by our team LOOK Digital Signage solution also consists of 2 main parts: LOOK Player & LOOK Content Manager.

It allows you to quickly deploy the digital signage network of any scale, purpose and geographical distribution and makes its daily management simple and maximally effective.

Last updated 25 Aug 2020

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