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38% of Facebook users have purchased something after liking, sharing, or commenting on it on ... More

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Published 28 Oct 2013

Most businesses or individuals with something to sell seem to have a Facebook Page to help to advertise themselves these days but the original concept hasn't really developed that much since the inception. Lookbook Cloud is a Facebook marketing application that adds very impressive looking photographic presentations to help to advertise your goods. This includes interactive 'hotspot' pricing and descriptions as well as a very cool looking, sliding photo display.  Lookbook Cloud takes ecommerce up one level and makes your advertising photos totally interactive with no technical knowledge needed at all.
According to Facebook's own statistics, 38% of Facebook users have purchased something after liking, sharing or commenting on it on Facebook. That's a pretty high percentage but there is little doubt that adding a more commercial aspect to your advertising material is going to be a positive move for sales. Lookbook Cloud allows businesses to create interactive sliders or 'lookbooks' as a part of their Facebook page. Sliders can contain beautiful product photos to illustrate the goods. It is brilliant for small business or individuals with bespoke items to sell because you can post photos and place hoverable 'hotspots' (a tag, containing product name, price and link to learn more or buy) on them. If it's furniture you are advertising, you'll find a living room where you can mark a couch, a table plus chairs and shelves. Facebook visitors can view slides without leaving their favourite social network, rollover hotspots to see...