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Developer description

LookOut- Blizzard is the latest “tilt-to-survive” game from creative iOS developer “UNNYHOG Entertainment”. Gaming enthusiasts are finding LookOut – Blizzard attractive because of the resemblance to the labyrinth gaming style best portrayed through the Atari classic “Pac Man”. It is about time that a
game like LookOut-Blizzard hit the market-and it couldn't come sooner. Its winter season everyone! And Lookout! Here comes the Blizzard.

So… break out the snow-cone maker because it is time to get ready for the greatest labyrinth game since Pac-Man prepared with a chilling touch. LookOut- Blizzard has hit The App Store with the force of an avalanche and the beauty of a snowflake. Take a sleigh ride through 60 unique levels that will keep you feeling refreshed and challenged with every tilt of your iOS device. Go toe to toe with the elemental forces of fire, earth, and water the only way a snowball knows how - by rolling, sliding and picking up pace to pass vibrantly through each objective.

Do not get cold feet when approaching the coolest tilt-to-survive adventure on the iOS market – LookOut - Blizzard. Everything from the fluid controls, clear objectives, cool sound effects and beautiful particles will change everything you thought about the forgotten labyrinth genre as you immerse yourself in a frozen treat you will never forget.

Last updated 15 Dec 2012