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LoopLR is a free real time social video sharing platform with apps live Android ,iOS, and HTML5 ... More

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Published 19 Jun 2012

The first question that one asks oneself regarding this new social video sharing application is why would you sign up to LoopLR when there is a site like YouTube that does similar stuff but on a much larger scale. Well, regular YouTube viewers will probably already have the answer to that themselves. YouTube has got to a point where it's so big that its almost a totally commercial proposition and somewhat impersonal. LoopLR is a much more personalized video creation and sharing application that adds another dimension with its Twitter-like video streams.
LoopLR is a free real time social video sharing application for Android, iOS, and HTML5 for web and mobile. The developer's vision is to empower smartphone and tablet owners with a video content creation and distribution platform. LoopPLR lets you shoot cool videos on your smartphone and share them with the world  as well as inviting you to meet new friends , catch up with old friends and generally get in the Loop with your LoopLR social community or on Facebook and Twitter. Mobile video is at last beginning to live up to its exciting potential and LoopLR ensures that it plays a major role in the explosive growth cycle that is coming thanks to the mass penetration of smartphones and tabs into the market in 2012. Just take a video, upload it and share it with the LoopLR global community. You can leave commentsIts easy and its fun and free plus you also get your own free storage space in the cloud where all your videos are located.
While YouTube is great for tutorial and freedom of expression it's a little more difficult to identify and isolate more creative compositions. LoopLR is a free and fun social community where you can create, watch and follow interesting video makers who film more intimate and personal videos on their smartphones or tablets. You can comment on the videos and share them with your friends but the bottom line here is a more personalized version of YouTube with no ads and a much more social feel to it.  It's simple to use and you could well spend hours watching more personalized cool videos.

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