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Use strategy, timing and slingshot action to shoot down the Villain walls

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Join the Adventurous Marble Hero's on a quest to save their Ships Captain from the grips of evil ... More

Editor's review

Published 9 Dec 2013

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite toy was when I was a kid. I think they were expecting me to say Lego or board game of some sorts. The truth of the matter though was that I loved my marbles. I spent hours making up games using those shiny glass balls with their beautiful decorated insides and I still get a thrill from holding a fine specimen in my hand. But we are in the next century now and things have moved on exponentially. So much so that I can now play marbles on my smartphone. Losing Your Marbles is a beautiful looking and very colorful slingshot game for iOS that offers the next generation a new style of addictive arcade marble gaming.
Losing Your Marbles was developed by two friends who wanted to create a game that wasn't just a clone of so many other games that are already out there. What they have managed to put together is a fast and exciting slingshot game where you get to join the Adventurous Marble Heroes in their quest to save their Ships Captain from the grips of evil in a new style of classic arcade gaming. You get to travel through different landscapes to clear and defeat the 'Villain walls' by launching your marble character through the air towards their enemies over 45 unique and challenging levels (with more to come.) There are challenging 'Obstacles' and ever=changing 'Winds' that will try to block you from achieving victory so a mixture of timing, strategy and determination is required to defeat your foes. Find out if you have what it takes to help save the Captain and get the greatest score in the lowest time possible to beat your friends and attain a higher global ranking? There are 5 Battle Arenas in which to challenge your Facebook friends with plenty of in app purchases to add to the fun.
Losing Your Marbles is easy to play but a little more difficult to master and delivers just the right amount of addictive slingshot fun for the avid gamer. It requires a fair bit of strategy and timing to achieve results and battle your way past the Villain Walls. The gameplay and the characters are bright and colorful and you get 15 free levels before you decide whether you want to move on to more challenging levels. This is the first app put together by the developers and, to be honest. they could be onto a winner with plenty of additional updates on the cards. It may not be quite the same for me as my beautifully tactile glass marbles but this free action game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch might well end up giving Candy Crush a run for its money.

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