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Lumenz Online Knowledge Platform Connects Hundreds of Top Experts with Hundreds of Millions of Customers

Lumenz Networks ( connects the most renowned experts and thought leaders with their fans through a new question-and-answer platform that delivers personalized expert knowledge in 2 to 10 minute high-quality HD videos. Customers can purchase single videos, buy video collections, or subscribe to gain unlimited access.

Lumenz answers questions with HD video responses to key issues about life and meets the demand of interested individuals who are in search of ongoing, personalized advice and expertise from carefully selected experts based on their knowledge and popularity. Lumenz also meets the growing need of top experts and keeps their fans connected in between events, lectures and seminars.

Lumenz uses a high-performance search-and-recommendation technology to recommend and package pertinent video answers for you from the valuable and continuously growing Lumenz video library. This technology can recommend content based on your interests and put together suitable video collections of one or more experts for you.

Last updated 15 Jan 2013