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Lupa is a virtual running partner that helps to guide & motivate you through your earphones, helping to make every run different, even if the route is the same. It combines a human-like coaching experience with mindfulness expertise and advanced running technology to guide runners in real-time.

Lupa adaptively guides you through your run with personalised immersive audio experiences, adapting to your pace, location and the external environment.

Whether someone wants to get started, run a personal best, or simply get some headspace, Lupa is for them.


A personal running coach in your ears to guide you with expertise during your runs.

We mindfully guide you, pacing you with real-time feedback. We help you optimize your performance, get in the right mindset and achieve your goals. Whether you’re training for a goal or enjoying a running meditation, we’ve got you.


Run faster, run longer and run better with Lupa's performance sessions. Experiences like strides and tempo runs will help you to get to where you want to go and hopefully bring a smile to your face on the way there!


Mindfulness in its most simple form is having an awareness of your present experience, without any judgement for yourself or that experience.

That could mean you are mindful when you recognise how tough your run is; when you notice a beautiful view; when you hear the traffic you pass; or when you feel the wind and rain against your body.

Mindfulness is everywhere, once you allow yourself to notice.

That’s what Lupa brings to life through our reflection, body scan and breathwork runs.


Select a running course and we will help you to reach your goal, whatever that might be, adapting to what’s best for you.

5k, 10k, Fastest 10k? Or maybe a running meditation course, whatever your goals are, Lupa is here to support you.

Last updated 20 Jul 2021

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