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Lynkos is a CRM for small & medium businesses. As simple and useful as email! For sales, ... More

Editor's review

Published 14 Apr 2014

The thing that I like most about business apps like this one is that they give small and medium sized businesses the chance to compete on a level playing field with their bigger competitors. Lynkos CRM is a user-friendly and comprehensive cloud-based productivity app that is as easy to use as a regular email account. Import and manage your contacts easily, manage and monitor your social feeds, follow up opportunities and involve your customers, create and assign tasks automatically and manage your team with ease - all from one place. Lynkos' unashamed aim is to improve the relationship you have with your customers, make your business more productive and subsequently, increase sales.
'Sell. Do. Manage.' These are the three words that Lynkos uses to describe itself and they pretty much sum up what this app is all about. It was designed to give businesses a simple way to empower their team, improve productivity and boost sales - whilst still being very easy to use. Start by automatically syncing your contacts from Gmail, GoogleApps, Highrise, Excel, LinkedIn or from a CSV format. The app streamlines the sales process and lets you browse contacts immediately as well as defining how you should handle them.  Create a series of tasks for any new contact and trigger and assign tasks to them that can be completed manually or automatically. Get in the loop by monitoring contacts' social media tweets and listen to what they are talking about so you'll  never miss an opportunity to interact with them. You can invite various collaborators as well as your own team and organize them into groups and grant specific permissions. This is especially good when you are managing external sales partners. All these things can be done while you get on with the job of managing your team. Lynkos makes it easy to assign specific tasks and investigate new leads so you can concentrate on the business of keeping your customers happy and increasing your sales figures.
One of the main reasons that many small businesses don't use a CRM to manage their affairs is that many are overburdened with far too many features - many of which will never be used. The beauty of this one, however, is that it's features are kept tight but are all really useful and the mobile aspect of the app means that you can stay connected with your team wherever you are and whenever you want. Lynkos is a multilanguage CRM for small and large teams that is used by thousands of organizations already. It has gained this popularity because of its simplicity of use and it's all round usability.  It is completely free for teams of up to two users with a number of other plans available that include all the features at US$15 per user per month.

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