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Forget Tik Tok. Here is the new performance app to make you the next big thing

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LypStar is a short mobile video creation, video editing, and trending music video sharing app. ... More

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Published 15 Dec 2020

There's little doubt that Tik Tok has made a seriously big splash since it appeared a couple of years ago. However, the revelations that the Chinese were about to steal our identities caused it to be frowned on by some. It got to the point where Governments were talking about banning it from our devices unless it was bought by non-Chinese sources. So, it was inevitable, I guess, that someone would come up with an alternative pretty soon. LypStar is one of the first to raise its head and become a potential contender. 

So, what exactly does LypStar have to offer? Well, it's a short video creation app and a video editor where you can show off your 'talents.' But, that's not all, as it's also a vehicle for sharing your favorite trending music videos. It doesn't really matter what your talents may be - it can be dance, lip-syncing, free style, magic tricks, juggling or simply a performance video - it's more about putting yourself out there and having your two minutes of fun and fame. The bottom line is that it has to be entertaining and, if it is deemed to be by your audience, you could have a viral sensation on your hands. 

Apps like LypStar and Tik Tok have captured the attention of the younger generation more than most other things under the various forms of lockdown that we've undergone. Gone are the days of social media platforms like...