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Forget Tik Tok. Here is the new performance app to make you the next big thing

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Published 15 Dec 2020

[cont'd] Facebook - and even Instagram to a certain extent - for the youngies these days because apps like LypStar provide the entertainment they are looking for. Users are encouraged to go the whole hog and record and upload their specific talent on a short video and share it with friends and family - either publicly or privately - as well as the wider LypStar community. To watch the best content, the app's clever algorithms will find and 'choose' the best trending videos to watch and enjoy. Either that or you can simply auto-scroll through all the latest for a seamless watching experience. 

You can utilize LypStar's extensive music library and editing features to create your videos or upload your own tunes. There are great tutorial videos available to show you how to show off your talents to the fullest extent. Either go solo or create duets with your friends and get discovered using trending hashtags, taking part in video challenges or being profiled on the user's For You pages. What's more, you can choose whether your video viewers can comment on your post or not and you can save videos to view later. Create new friends by sending and receiving private messages from people that you follow and who also follow you and get notifications when people respond to your posts 

Unlike some other social media platforms, there are no limits to how many people you can follow or how many follow you on LypStar. If...