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LyriText is a keyboard texting app (like giphy but with music - for APPLE devices) that allows ... More

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Published 14 Sep 2021

It never ceases to amaze me that we can remember so many of the lyrics from the songs that we've grown up with. It's also quite interesting that we can relate many of those songs that mean so much to us in specific moments in our life. Whether it be our first date, a fantastic holiday memory, that trip to Glastonbury or our first love, music is an emotional and vital part of our lives. So it makes complete sense to bring that musicality into our texting life to illustrate the things that we want to say.

LyriText is a new keyboard texting app for iOS where you can express yourself (sorry Madonna and N.W.A.) with short segments of hit songs to get your true emotions across. For example, your opening greeting to a friend could be a musical sound-clip of Adele, Lionel Richie or The Beatles singing Hello or Hello Hello or your parting words could translate to Goodbye by Mary Hopkin, Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC, Ramble On by Led Zeppelin or Good Riddance by Green Day. It might not be a good idea to post Ceelo Green's F$#k You though.

Let's face it, pretty much anything that could ever be said has been put into a song at some point over the years. LyriText makes it easy to find those songs just by typing in a word or a phrase and you'll be able to see the songs that...