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This isn’t a bog-standard online diary

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Published 2 Dec 2011

Here’s a great idea, how do you fancy having your own website completely dedicated to your life and how you’re living it? Mabame will give you just that and you needn’t worry, it won’t come up in internet searches for all the world to see. You can of course share it with the friends of your choice but even then you’ll be in charge of what they can and can’t see.

This isn’t a bog-standard online diary where you just jot down your daily activities in a few words. The site provides a platform for you to create and archive journals on all of the important and meaningful events that happen be they the first few years of your child’s life or the fantastic two weeks you spent in the mountains.

You can write as many separate journals as you like and they will all be listed on the right hand side of the home page so finding them to edit or update is easy. You can upload photographs as well and customize the overall look of the site rather than just stick with the standard style.

The whole thing looks great and will provide a priceless record of events that will be of interest to family members and friends for years to come. It’s also accessible via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any other smartphone web browser so you can log those precious moments when you’re on the move.


This is a great way to record family life and produce a simple yet vivid set of journals for posterity. If you don’t already keep a diary or journal of any sort then you should consider having a look at this.


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