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How long has it been since you bought a newspaper or magazine from a store? If you have an iPad, ... More

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Published 8 Feb 2013

Where newspapers and magazines used to have an edge in delivering news to their audience. You could read the news on the bus on the way to work, in bed or even in the bathroom, if that takes your fancy. But the iPad has totally changed all that. It is the perfect medium for online reading because of its flexibility that gives the ability to catch up on all the totally up to date news wherever you are and whenever you wish. Gradually, the traditional press is being replaced by an online version and the more technical news magazines have led the way. MacBOOM! is one such online magazine that is made specifically for iPad and the other iDevices that deals in all the technical advances being made by the Apple Corporation.
MacBOOM! is the magazine about Apple technologies and Apple products with each new edition published monthly and packed full of interesting and useful information on all things Mac and Apple. It features articles, analyses, hardware news, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod applications and game reviews, information on Apple TV and plenty more. Now, while I have always championed the idea of buying a newspaper every day or a magazine every month even I accept that there is a better way to do it these days - especially considering the online technology available. There are more than a few good reasons why the online version has such a major advantage over its paper equivalent. If nothing else, it has the ability to keep news completely up to date. As the song goes...who wants yesterday's papers? But, more importantly, it has endless possibilities to offer interactive and rich media content with the iPad a perfect platform to deliver it. MacBOOM! magazine is a manually designed, powerful, high-quality and very colorful interactive magazine that is compatible with all generations of iPad and iPad Mini. It features In-depth articles and analysis on the latest and greatest Apple gear, up-to-date news about today's industry trends and must-have information on Apple hardware and software. Read expert reviews on applications for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, iOS and OS X and on the hottest and newest games and gadgets. Last but not least are the fully interactive additions that include informative audio and video material.
MacBOOM! Is a great looking colorful interactive magazine that is filled with everything that you would expect to find in a magazine catering for fans of Steve Jobs' groundbreaking company. You can view a free preview copy of the magazine when you download the app that you can read from virtual cover to cover even if you have no internet connection. Then you can decide if you want to buy the next issue or subscribe to get a better deal. If you are turning into one of the fast growing family of Apple Mac products you will certainly be interested in MacBOOM!

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