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To protect our future leaders, Maddie & Matt's Safe World equips children with enough know-how when it comes to dealing with potentially dangerous situations. This comprehensive, educational app from the Maddie & Matt series will teach youngsters important lessons in personal safety, through the use of a comic book, several engaging games, and an informative quiz!

Through this app, your children will eventually learn how to avoid slipping on wet floor and getting sick from eating their favorite foods. They will know how to read the different signs on the street and how to avoid strangers who offer candy or other treats.

So start helping them prevent personal injury or harming others, wherever they may be. Download Maddie & Matt's Safe World today!


•Rough Day

•Maddie & Matt's very own comics showing how the two siblings go through their daily lives safe and sound.

•Safety and Survival Kit

•Can you help Maddie & Matt pack the necessary items for emergencies all in one bag?
•Mini Games

•Jaywalk – Help Maddie and Matt convince jaywalkers to cross the street using the footbridge!

•Safety Signs – Do you know how to read safety signs? Take this quiz to find out!

•POM – Homes are not always the safest places for kids. In this game, buttons representing proper remedies must be dragged to their corresponding hazards.

•App sharing via Twitter and Facebook


•App comes with an illustrated guide to help users.

Last updated 14 Mar 2013

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