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An augmented reality game that could turn building blocks into the next Pokemon Go

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Magic Blox was created from the ground up for augmented reality, allowing you to design and ... More

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Published 4 Oct 2017

It wasn't so long ago that, if you mentioned the words 'augmented reality' when talking about the games industry, no one would have a clue what you were talking about. AR was thought of mostly as a learning device in the early days and an image comes into our minds of optical projections and headsets that put the user into a real-world environment even though they might be seated in a darkened room. Then the games industry took it on board and embraced it. Games like AR Air Hockey, Titans Of Space and AR-enhanced pool table games hit the market and blew people's minds. More recently, a company called Niantic came along and released Pokemon Go and the games industry was changed forever. Go was a phenomenal success.

Building block games have been huge since the beginning of time. We all played with them as kids and Lego took them to another level. When technology got hold of them and turned them into computer games they proved a bit of a revelation. Have a look in your App Store and you'll find a squillion of them. So, it makes sense that if you combine building blocks and augmented reality you're more than likely onto a winner. Add a puzzle element to those two concepts and you've got Magic Blox. 

This simple but addictive iOS game was created from the ground up for augmented reality play. It allows you to design and build pretty much...