Developer description

Magic Land ADHD - focus your attention - a education learning game - helps you to become better in:

- Math (algebra - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, logic)
- Spelling and reading (in Englisch and other languages)
- School subjects: Knowledge in typical school related fields, such as science, geography, music, art, physics, history)
- Learning languages (German, Spain and more coming soon, like French, Chinese etc.)
- Play through 30 levels of an exciting magic world by solving quests and learn at the same time

- More and More in every update! ...

AND (for parents):

- Use the "only learn mode" to practise without playing the game
- Choose to practise only certain subjects (e.g. concentrate on spelling only)
- Get detailled statistics about your learning progress and strength and weaknesses

Kids learn these topics by playing an exiting game with magic spells, enemies to conquer, quests to solve and bosses to fight. The platformer thows you into the world of Magic Land in which you have to find your way back home by using your skills.

Magic Land ADHD is designed for kids between the age of 7-15 which have problems to concentrate or focus their attention (e.g. typical for ADHD / ADD). Games allow them to stay concentrated using their invasive nature to learn skills and by staying motivated to learning things of the real world.

Also available in other language.

Magic Land ADHD - the educational game for kids.

Last updated 12 Jul 2018