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The app is intended for kids aged 4-6 making their first steps in arithmetic. Magic Paint with ... More

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Published 21 May 2013

You only have to look at the rise of Asia when it comes to mathematics learning in the world. Their children, for one reason or another, seem to be somewhat further advanced than their 'western' equivalent and they have been dominant in mathematics for many years now. The answer may be to get your children familiar with maths a little earlier in their lives. Magic Paint with Math is a kids educational application for iOS that is geared towards kids aged between 4 and 6 that are just beginning to learn about arithmetics. It offers three different colorful levels to increase your child's math skills ensuring that there is no chance of boredom and disinterest.
The purpose of the Magic Paint app is to help your child to master the basics of math and is optimized for preschool and elementary school children. It is  intended for kids aged between 4-6 and offers three levels of game modes that each pursue their own purpose. The Training mode delivers basic math cases and aims to raise a child´s general skills in the basics and is an easy-to-handle tool for effective instruction of your child. Forget about countless slips of paper with cases written on them. Everything is right here including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. After solving the problem the results are saved and can be seen on the stats page, the graph represents the results and the number of errors. This helps to track the dynamics of learning. ...