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Published 21 May 2013

[cont'd] The more advanced Triplets mode helps kids to understand and memorize addition and subtraction within ten. The child is given three digits and two operators and has to compose the case him/herself. The child visually memorizes the case itself and can see what will happen if they change the digits. Now there is no need for using scissors to cut out paper digits. The program itself indicates whether or not your child has composed the case right. Finally, the Coloring mode allows a child to color a picture by numbers and combines creative activity with memorizing numbers and learning arithmetic operations. Artistic graphics and intuitive controls easily capture the attention of a child and never lets them to get bored. By alternating arithmetic case solving and picture coloring,  parents can keep their kid involved and learning all the time.
What's obvious with Magic Paint with Math is that it was created by people that know what they are doing when it comes to both learning and the attention levels of children. The app was created specifically by the developer's own child and was designed to stimulate and interest a child in the early days of math understanding. Once your child has learnt to solve the cases, you won’t have to study with them  because, after the solving,  you will always be able to see the way they have solved it. Currently, there is no other app with similar functionality. Magic Paint with...