Developer description

In Magic Store Math the player is trained in addition and subtraction through a fun and colorful store simulator.
The player controls the store owner/clerk and assists customers.

The customers ask for various magic items that the player locates for the customers and then calculates the total cost for the customer’s order.
Finally, the player accepts payment and gives back change if needed.

The game is divided into 15 weeks and gradually becomes harder as it progresses.

The price of the magic items is randomly chosen within a value fitting the level progress. The difficulty progression is controlled so at first the random set is small but gets bigger and more varied as the game goes on.

The game gets harder as the weeks go by so each week is really a new difficulty level.
At the start the prices are only in tens and the maximum total cost is 100, also customers only buy 2 items at a time.
In the last few weeks the items can cost a few hundred and customers buy up to 6 items.
At the start the total cost is in the hundreds while in the end the total cost will be in the thousands.

The player can choose what kind of calculation method is used.
You can always use mental calculation and enter the answer directly into the cash register.
However, the game offers the possibility of visual calculation by using money tokens in a special money token board where the price of each item is given in money tokens.
In this board the player can manipulate the tokens by moving, splitting and combining them to make addition and distraction easier to visualize.
Drag a money token of the value 10 into a spilt area and it splits into two 5 value tokens.
Similarly dropping five 10 value tokens onto the combine area transforms them into a single 50 value token.

Once a week has been completed a player can see how he did. You're shown total time and errors and given 1-3 stars according to how the player did.
To reach 3 stars a player must complete the week in a very good time as well as not making any errors.

At the start of the game the Magic Store only includes 8 items. However, the player gets to choose 1-3 new items for the store each week as a reward.

A week can always be replayed to try to get a better time and less errors and that way get to pick a total of 3 items to add to the store.

Last updated 27 Jun 2016

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