Developer description

Magicflix is a safe, curated video service for kids, 12 years and younger, available on mobile devices. We deliver worry-free parenting and delighted kids by providing the safest and best edutainment videos through its apps. Magicflix curates videos from around the world to be safe, age-appropriate, and positive - no more mindless entertainment! Magicflix apps are immersive and designed exclusively for kids. With videos across Science, Math, Animals and many more, parents and kids love Magicflix.

Magicflix is led by a strong consumer technology team hailing from behemoths like Facebook and Travelocity. 3 of the 4 founders are moms including the CEO, Mamtha Banerjee. With an aspiration to build software that empowers kids, Magicflix’ mission is to make the digital world a safer place for our children. A Techstars 2014 alumni, Magicflix is Seattle based. Magicflix is currently available on iPad – and Android -

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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