Developer description

"Magnis - Classic Adventure" is a classic game to save all the cute Rabbits from the ferocious Bulls. Stay focused and capture all the Rabbits as fast as you can. The game is very easy to play with simple gaming controls and elegant design. The game "Magnis - Classic Adventure" helps you enhance your reaction skills and improves your concentration. With exciting sound effects and beautiful background, the game gives the best experience.

"Magnis - Classic Adventure" is best for players of all age group from kids to adults. Keep up your steadiness and capture the rabbits to complete the levels. The "Magnis - Classic Adventure" levels become tougher and tougher as you clear the level. Be alert with Bulls and other obstacles that come along your way. The game "Magnis - Classic Adventure" is a perfect blend of reactions skills. Be patient to handle the Bulls and at the same time be quick to capture the rabbits before the bulls attack them. You can play the game anytime and anywhere. "Magnis" reduces your stress and never lets you get bored.

Download this amazing classic game "Magnis - Classic Adventure" and enjoy playing the game. Play the game for a while and your mind will surely get refreshed. This classic lightweight game can be played offline with minimal battery usage. Remember to behave patiently with ferocious bulls and wait for the right time to react. Get the game now and have unlimited fun capturing the cute rabbits.

Perfect time waster for idle minds and casual gamers.

Last updated 12 Nov 2018

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