Developer description

The attraction and repulsion properties of magnets are the inspiration for Magnoids, an original puzzle game for smart phones and tablet computers. Magnoids puzzles consist of magnet-like pieces that push and pull each other in different directions simultaneously. To solve a puzzle you must think ahead and predict where the pieces will move to guide them into the correct locations on the board.

In each level you are presented with a square-tiled board and several or more pieces. The pieces have positive or negative poles on them that attract or repel each other depending on whether they are opposite or the same. You must flip the poles back and forth by tapping the pieces, causing them to push and pull each other in different directions. The goal is to make the pieces interact in such a way that they move by themselves into a set of marked solution squares on the board.

Magnoids puzzles range from easy to extremely difficult. Each one is unique and requires a slightly different approach to solve. Appearances are often deceiving—puzzles that look simple can actually be very difficult while some of the complicated ones have “tricks” to solving them. Many times the solution must be found by trial and error or experimentation while others require more planning and visualization of where pieces will end up on the board.

This Plezzus's first release. If you enjoy it, check our website or app store sites for new releases.

Last updated 2 Oct 2015

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