Developer description

Mailburn is an iPhone email client that shows your conversations with real people as chats, without "Show quoted text" and other distracting stuff. Conversation that takes 3 screens in Gmail app fits in one screen in Mailburn. Mailburn also has email tracking built-in so you can be confident that your message has been received and opened by recipients.
How we are different? We are mobile-first and target business users only. We save time on repetitive actions (less clicks -> better productivity) and provide essential business tools, such as email tracking, email reminders, quick 1-click replies, email templates. We also integrate with various business systems like CRMs, task-management, to-do lists and others.
Target audience Sales people from small and medium companies in Scandinavia. They use Google Apps for work, have enough money to buy productivity tools. They communicate a lot out of office, during meetings, lunch breaks, while they commute. They also need to be very responsive to incoming emails, especially conversations with real people. With direct sales through CEOs or VP of Sales we will be able to sign 10-20 people at once for yearly contract.
Business plan Basic client with limited features is free. Business features and integrations are part of premium subscription, which costs $10 per month. User acquisition via direct sales, inbound marketing, PPC and referral programs. Team Worldwide level, dedicated and relentless:
• Daniel, CEO with 7 years of IT experience, Founder Institute alumni and Startup Sauna student
• Alex, CTO from Deutsche Bank with 12 years of development and management experience
• Kate, iOS from Skype, now Microsoft. More than 5 years of iOS development.
• Anna, VP of Design from huge mobile outsource company who oversaw a team of 15 designers and UX professionals

Last updated 17 Nov 2014