Developer description

MailCliq™ is a web based email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails at an insanely low price. Complete with reports, subscriber list management and automated bounces and complaints handling.

MailCliq™ was born out of frustration of paying for expensive email campaign services. We send newsletters via Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor for our blogs and our other platforms like Deftify™. No doubt Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor are great email campaign service, the price goes up to hundreds of dollars just for one email campaign. As our subscriber base grew, the cost of our campaign grew significantly higher.

We really don't ask for much, just a newsletter application that enables us to manage subscribers, send campaigns and view reports at reasonable prices. What we managed to find were either too expensive or flat out ugly.

So we asked ourselves why not build one? We decided to build one as well as share it with everyone who are tired of expensive email campaign services. As a result, MailCliq™ was born.

Mailcliq™ offers email sending at an insanely low price of 0.1 cent per email plus $5 delivery fee. Let's say you send to 1,000 subscribers. You'll pay a total of $6. That's $1 (0.1¢ for each recipient) plus the $5 delivery fee.

There are no monthly fees and you only pay for what you send, when you send. Irrespective of your list size. No engagement no charges!

The great thing about Mailcliq™ is not just the insanely low price, but also the supercool features it has gotten.

Last updated 10 Jun 2013