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We regularly ask you via e-mail about your new experiences. Simply respond by e-mail and fill ... More

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Published 15 Jan 2012

mailDiary is a rather unique way of keeping your diary up to date everyday. Rather than you having to remember to reach for your diary each day, mailDiary will send you an email to remind you. All you have to do is to respond to that email with your new experiences and future memories by email and your diary will be filled in for you with the minimum of fuss and bother. mailDiary is a calendar and email application that aims to put a little structure back into your diary keeping.

The way this diary reminder tool works is to regularly ask you via e-mail about your new experiences. Then it's just all down to you to simply respond by e-mail and fill in the details of your day or week in your diary. Make a note about the everyday little things. It might be noting little things like the growth of your children or the projects you are working on. Maybe you can fill in a new note about problems that you have solved or just the way your life is going. Leave a note for your kids every day letting them know what you are doing or with things you'd like them to do...or just tell them that you love them. You can even send a photo via your mobile with a little note to explain or a note to yourselred fours ing you to keep following your goals. It may not mean much now but imagine the joy when you or your children or friends look at it later on in life. There is something rather wonderful about remembering all the good things in life.
I find that unless I respond immediately to my emails or messages on social networks I have a habit of forgetting them. As a consequence, I tend to answer straight away and this is a bonus when dealing with something as regular as a diary. A simple reminder email from mailDiary elicits a response and it's easy to fill in a quick (or long, if it comes to that) reply with all the news of the day. I do have a bit of bugbear with mailDiary though. This German made app supposedly has an English translation which works fine in part. Yet when signing up it's a little disappointing to be presented with a page of German language that has to be translated with Google Translate to understand. Just a small thing but...

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