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Published 24 Jun 2015


There are a few email management apps for Android that will do the job that this one does. K-9 is the probably the best known and MailDroid stands up well in comparison to it. It will be of great use to business users holding multiple email accounts because of its excellent email overview as well as its power and flexibility. The MailDroid default email view only displays the top part of each email with just text but no images shown until you open each email. This gives the viewer a better overview of all incoming messages. On the downside, the app currently doesn't support Microsoft Exchange - though the developers have stated that it will be added soon. If I have a slight beef then it's probably with the price of the ad-free version. It seems to me that 18 bucks might be a little steep for most people to pay just to get rid of the ads and with only a few extra features added. However, that’s a minor detail as the free version seems to achieve everything it sets out to do and will definitely make your email management a much more comfortable affair.