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A unique, no-fuss email alternative for creative types to get their projects approved

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Design approvals the easy way.

With Mail’ette, all you need to do is email your work to your ... More

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Published 4 Aug 2012

What does the modern day designer do when needing to share designs with clients for approval? Chances are, it will come down to the good old faithful email with bulky attachments which are sent back and forth with recommendations and comments until approved. Mail'ette is a new design collaboration application which simplifies and cleanly delivers all your designs elegantly with feedback forms and a simple one-click approval. It's a unique, no-fuss solution that is ideal for designers, photographers and all you creative types.
Mail'ette is a great app to get your designs approved the easy way. Here you can email your work to your Mail’ette address and you’ll quickly get a unique link to share that elegantly showcases your designs and your clients won’t have to register, use passwords or learn a new system to view and respond to them. There’s a basic feedback form built-in and one-click approvals. Mail'ette is a unique, no-fuss solution for designers, photographers & creatives. Forget dealing with clumsy email attachments or complicated collaborative software and showcase your mockups the easy way. It's huge business assets include the ability to completely get around the problems caused by sending digital artwork in PDF form and manages to fit squarely into workflow and completely replaces the final step of showing your work to your clients. It can be used for client presentations on-site and for conveniently delivering working drafts to multiple decision makers. Another big plus is that many creative companies...