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MailGrace is an imap-mail-filter-as-a-service. It allows users to specify email filters when ... More

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Published 3 Dec 2015

The development of email over the years hasn't really kept up with the rest of the messaging industry. Whereas most online communication technology is geared towards a mobile world, email tends to leave many of us still sitting behind our PC in order to perform some essential management services. Even then, many of the actions we take are just not necessary. We seem to spend an awful lot of time creating folders and diligently filtering messages into them even though we rarely ever need to refer back to them. Now there's a new conditional forwarding email filter that gives greater flexibility and lets you automate actions. This not only saves time but also gives the freedom to manage emails just as easily on your mobile as it does at your desk.

MailGrace is a very flexible, cloud-based IMAP mail 'filter as a service' that allows users to create email automation filters when their ISP doesn't have them. This is especially good for mobile users who now won't have to wait until they get back to the office to manage their emails. Unlike similar mail filtering services however, this isn't just a device that moves emails from one place to another. It also lets users create sets of rules that automatically redirect incoming (and sent, if it comes to that) mail to other addresses whilst still preserving the original sender. Just create a new folder with a forward action and drag and drop emails to a...