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Published 3 Dec 2015

[cont'd] favorite service like Evernote or Podio etc. It can even send an HTTP post of the email content to a remote server. Users will now no longer have to be at the mercy of their PC and an open Outlook to process their email rules.

Lets face it, many of us spend a lot of our working life away from the office so our mobiles and tablets are the things that connect us to the outside world. They manage to perform most of our tasks quite admirably. Unfortunately, the mobile versions of email clients often leave a little to be desired because they often leave out useful features that are available on the PC equivalent. Automatic email redirection is often one of them. This is where the true power of MailGrace comes in. This app fills the gap nicely by letting you easily create folder rules that perform powerfully when messages are moved to specific folders. It works on all devices and effectively turns any IMAP folder into a powerful action Drop Box.

One of the app's more endearing features is it’s blacklist and whitelist folders. If you have emails in your inbox or junk folder that shouldn’t be there you can fix them up immediately direct from your mobile device. Just drag and drop messages into the blacklist or whitelist folder. The blacklist holds a list of addresses that you never want to receive email from and emails go straight to the trash. Also...