Developer description

Mailmalade is a web-app for anyone who just wants to spend a few minutes in building inbox-friendly HTML emails, using their own design files and without the need for coding knowledge. "HTML emails" is the technical name for the eNewsletters, the emails commonly used to announce events, advertise products or maintain customer engagement. These emails are called "HTML" due to the HTML attributes they have, such as the HTML links on the email that can be clicked by the recipient.
The Mailmalade app is based on an easy 3-step process. Start with uploading your own design as an image. Multiple image formats are accepted and more formats will be incorporated shortly. Then, crop and define the uploaded design, adding the HTML attributes you want. Finally, choose from either exporting the email directly to an email marketing service provider such as Campaign Monitor or MailChimp by syncing your accounts with Mailmalade, or simply downloading your newly created email in *.zip format ready for a later use.
With Mailmalade, tedious programming, long hours, visualisation errors, incompatibilities, misaligned images, severe testing... are finally gone. Mailmalade is integrated by a team of young multi-disciplinary people, with passion for new technologies and enthusiasm for improving our lives. The team is dually based in London and Barcelona, two of the top smartest cities in Europe, both with an incredibly buzzing start-up atmosphere.

Last updated 14 Dec 2014