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The only web mail on earth that makes your small business look like a big company. The easiest ... More

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Published 21 Jan 2012

It's all about smoke and mirrors when it comes to the image you want your company to present to the general public. You want to present an image of a multifaceted organization with people in all departments. There's the sales account, support and accounts, of course. Little do they know that there is just two of you running everything. MailQuatro lets you create multiple email addresses customized to your company that make you appear to be a well oiled machine - whether you are or not.

MailQuatro is the only web mail on earth that makes your small business look like a big company. It does this by letting you create multiple email addresses at your domain to impress your customers and website visitors. While sites like Gmail and Hotmail are useful they tend to give the impression of a one person operation - which it could well be, but you dont want your customers to know that. Use MailQuatro to set up a professional looking email address at your own domain. How does [email protected] sound? Much more professional, eh? You can easily add your domain and create email addresses for different departments like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Use them on your website and brochures to show that you are a big company. Your clients will think that you have an army of employees. Create unlimited email signatures for different roles and names. Despite that you may be one or two people you can answer your company's department emails like a different person each time. Send an automated reply to all incoming messages in your organization. This is a great marketing tool to promote your current specials and offers. Engage people with an instant reply when they send a message to your company, exactly at the time they view their inbox.
MailQuatro is a very clever marketing tool. It could be a very sneaky way of increasing your sales by fooling people into thinking you are a bigger organization than you actually are. Theres nothing wrong with a little harmless trickery to help things along. MailQuatro is a very easy to use and free business tool that cant help but make you look more professional and well organized. Maybe it's time you increased your virtual workforce by adding some new departments.

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