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Published 25 Nov 2012

If you have put together an email marketing campaign then you will know that, unless you have the right tools to do the job properly, it's going to take a long time to integrate your databases and get your customer lists useable. It's just the way it is. What would speed up the process though, is an application like Mailsync that takes all the boring legwork out of collating email customers. It syncs emails using first and last names for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor and integrates well with the most popular databases to speed up the process automatically and provide you with an up to date list of recipients. And for 10 lucky FeedMyApp readers there is a chance to get a 25% discount off the price, if you are quick.
Email campaigns still play an enormous and essential part in online marketing but there is little point in doing it if you are not prepared to update your recipient information. If you are putting together an impressive mail out detailing your latest wonder product - lets call it a BB Gun for example - then it is important to integrate and organize all your customer sources before unleashing the iconic beast on the world. Normally this would involve logging in to your database management software, isolating your new users and then finding a suitable format like CSV or Excel to export them. Then it's a question of matching the file content with names and email addresses and you are ready to go - albeit two days later. For a one-off fee of under fifteen bucks, Mailsync does all the time consuming work for you by syncing your email customers for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. It also integrates well with both MySQL and PostgreSQL. It works with your own users from your own database and you can use it as just a landing page or a working project and sync between your database and marketing lists with just a click.
You might think that Mailsync is a little pricey in these days of free and two dollar apps but it's a one off purchase and you can use it as many times as you like. That's not forgetting the special FeedMyApp discount codes that will give the first 10 users 25% off the price. It is an excellent and very simple to use tool that saves countless hours of integrating email lists and does it pretty well at the touch of a button. After you have purchased and installed Mailsync all you need is your database details and Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp API key and you can sync lists till the sun goes down...or until somebody shoots their eye out with that BB Gun, of course.

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