Developer description

Game of memory and speed, you will travel in various movies scenery.

Mamy Gaga is a roguish and rebel old lady who collects and locks in cage animals that she meets on her road. But one evening while a thunderstorm huge lightning falls on her house and all this small world is absorbed in the TV. From now, the hunting of Mamy Gaga is finished and it's your turn to play: it's time to release all these poor animals!

The aim is to take control of the wheelchair, to memorize the path which leads to animals and retranscribe it. The control of the chair is very simple: four buttons manage our grandma. But pay attention, your time is counted and stages become more and more complicated.

Two versions are available for download, the Lite one is made up of six film universes and the full version allows you to reach the last three worlds.
The game is available on the two biggest stores (AppStore and Google Play).
It includes eighty-one levels with great graphics and a very simple interface.
If the beginning should be easy, the difficulty will increase very fast and you will not know how to leave this grandma.

Last updated 30 Nov 2014

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