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Published 8 Sep 2011

ManageME7 is one of many personal financial management apps available that help you keep track of where your money goes and help you stick to budgets. According to the website, ManageME7 differs from most by offering a reminder and alert service along with multiple currency support and real time currency conversion. Without looking at all available apps it’s difficult to confirm if this is unique however overall it looks a pretty comprehensive package.

The basis of all the functions starts with the creation of accounts which can be multiple and include bank accounts, cash accounts and loan accounts etc., all managed under one profile. Once accounts are open then it’s a case of loading transactions, a task made easier by importing bank statements in all regular formats.

The app has tools available to help you set up monthly, quarterly or half yearly budgets which are then analyzed on the basis of accounts or transaction types. The results show you just where your money is going and can help you make necessary adjustments to your spending habits.

Alerts can also be set prompting the system to warn you when you go over budget in any area and reminders will highlight bills that are due for payment.

Reports available show the detail of income and expenditure and can also compare two or more budget periods which is a help in preparing for times of the year when spending is unavoidably higher.

The multicurrency aspect of the app is aimed at frequent travellers...