Developer description

Create professional looking online manuals in no time at all:

* Format your topics using simple Textile codes
* Easily upload, manage and insert images with the Image Manager
* Manage multiple manuals for different versions of your product
* Share topics between manuals for easier maintenance
* Define your own variables for use in shared topics

Publish your manuals online - for any device, screen size and orientation:

* Created manuals are online - immediately
* Publish your topic changes - instantly
* Manuals auto-adapt to any screen size, device and orientation
* Built-in super-fast search engine
* Automatic downloadable PDF versions of your manuals

Track manual and topic hits, user ratings and topic comments:

* Automatic stats of manual & topic views.
* "Was this useful?" voting for readers.
* Allow readers to comment on topics.
* Track all user searches to find keywords.
* Link your Analytics account for more stats.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015