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Published 30 Jul 2012

So here's the scenario. The last time I was in San Francisco I spotted this cool alarm clock in Chinatown with Mao's face on the dial. Now for some reason that I'm not going to go into here, I didn't buy my Mao clock and have regretted it ever since. Wouldn't it be great if I had a friend there who I could just message and they could nip down there and pick me one up and send it over to me. Well we might not all have a friend in San Francisco but Map Of Needs could come to your rescue if you don't.
Map of Needs connects people needing something done in a specific location with people who have the time, skills and, most importantly, are in the right place to complete whatever the task may be. Map of Needs is not just another service site but stands out from the crowd by offering a global, yet targeted, reach yet with no restrictions on what can be listed unless its illegal, of course. There is a simple, low referral fee and they don’t get involved or facilitate monetary transactions between members and don’t take any percentages. The site is very easy to use and offers visual representations on where needs are required. So, how does Map of Needs work?  Simply add your need and receive queries and quotes from people who live where you need them to be anywhere in the world.Then all you have to do is to pay the referral fee and contact any one of the enquiring members. This fee buys access to the worker’s email address and allows the requestor to make direct contact and arrange for the job to be completed. As well as posting from anywhere in the world, Map of Needs boasts a global reach – allowing jobs for anywhere in the world to be listed, too. Following a job well done, both parties are encouraged to return to the website and post honest feedback about their experience for the benefit of others.
The main aim of the New Zealand developers of Map of Needs was to create a secure, honest and trusting environment where people can solve their problems. It's hardly surprising that this unique app was originated in NZ as it really is one of the farthest places to get to and its pretty easy to see where the inspiration for the app came from. It's a brilliant concept and I'm surprised that some canny entrepreneur hasn't come up with the idea before. While the site isn't the prettiest I've ever seen its easy and clear to navigate. Now, regarding that Mao alarm clock...

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